Thursday, March 26, 2015

Putatan Platinum Apartment: Rules to create Fear..and drain money.

The many rules of living in an apartment.

So do you own an apartment when you bought it? That would depends on how you bought it. Cash or loan. Perhaps people would think Malaysian are damn rich that everyone could buy an apartment cash..well, majority of the citizen do not.

The first thing the house was own by bank. You are merely paying bank monthly hoping that someday you will get to own your own house. Banks are not saviour for citizen but more like a loan shark. I wonder what is the difference between these two? Well, the only difference is one may cut your hand in the end. To think more about it, both could get your hand cut in the end.

So I bought an apartment which priced RM170K+ and the bank gave me a loan that I need to pay for 40 years which sum up to RM300K once I've completed paying it. Where the hell another RM150k+ come? That's interest. Islamic interest as I am taking loan base on Islamic term. So Muslim took interest now, they just call it with a different name so they would sound Islamic.

So, double the price already? Then, if I want to sell this apartment before I settle paying for it..for example, maybe I do not like it and I want to change to a new place. Then, the bank set up a price by a 'complex' 'islamic' mechanism making my house price goes up to RM700K.

So if I want to sell this house, I need to sell it for more than RM700K to get some benefit from it. If I sell it for RM300K, i need another RM400K to settle my debt. But..I bought the house with the price of RM170K.

So, I could not sell this house. I need to stay here.

Then all this service charges came into my mailbox.. I need to pay the apartment service charge RM270 every three months. Does not sound much? Thats RM1080 per year. I am living in my own house or what? Oh well, does not really matter, the payment is to keep my apartment building intact, and for all the services they provided.

I need to pay deposit RM1000 just to renovate my house and Rm500 if I want to bring in something like new furniture into my house. That money could be used to pay for that furniture itself.

I believe paying such services charge and all stuff, I should own my house. Well no, I still need to follow the rules which sometimes gets to my nerve. I can't bring a second car in, no extra park. Should I sell my car then how do my wife goes to work? We work both in different places. I could not hammer something or repair something in my own house after 5 PM and weekend. I can't do this, I can't do that. I feel like living in someone's house. I feel like I rent this place.

Did some mistake, warning letter arrive to you. I really feel like I am not living in my own house.

Rules are made to make sure everyone living peacefully without fear. But sometimes rules itself make you live in fear. That should not happen. I suggest that the management approach more resident to make sure everyone demands are fulfilled. And not just the squeaky wheels one who obviously kept everything for their own interest. Even the squeaky wheels get the grease, but if you did not maintain the other wheels, a system won't work eventually.

For those, who want to buy an apartment, think twice. And please make sure the management are resident friendly and not like those teacher in boarding school.

I hope that someday I can own my house, a better place than this place. I am hoping, even working, both me and my wife, as a medical officer a.k.a doctors, we could not afford other than this small apartment.

Oh my beloved Malaysia.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Birthday Secret: Secret Recipe At Her Best

So it’s my birthday. I am turning 29 this year. As a tradition since I’ve met my wife, we need to get a wonderful dinner at some fine restaurant. This year, my birthday also happen to be the date for my house moving to a new place. A bit tired but we need to keep the tradition going. 
Secret Recipe is the easiest choice for us. We plan to go to The Glass in Suria Sabah but, meh, to far. Secret Recipe is much accesible. Plus it was Family friendly. The Glass seems not so Family Friendly as their floor is cover with carpet. For someone who has an active 1 years plus child, that was not a good idea after all. The carpet will be ruined by leftover food by my daughter. 
We visit Secret Recipe quite a few times since our student time. Not much changes, we just had to eat something for my birthday. We chose Warisan Square Secret Recipe as Centre point Secret Recipe is a bit small. 
As usual, I will order my favourite in Secret Recipe, the Aussie Beef Stew Steak. My wife with her Mozarella Baked Fish accompany with a slice of Red Velvet cake for both of us and a Black Pepper Lamb Pie. 
For our daughter ( now already three of us celebrating as compare to only two people before…. I guess I can say 4 people wife is pregnant. So, nevermind a bit more food eh) a simple Kids Meal Fish and Chips. 
To my surprise, this one secret Recipe was not bad after all. Very different from what I get usually. 

The Beef Stew steak was so exquisite. The sauce, the chips, and the vegetables was so perfect. Previously, the vegetables were boiled cauliflower and carrot. Now they serve nicely grilled zucchini and bell pepper with the stew. The gravvy is so delicious until I didn’t left any leftover. 

My wife dish also not bad. Generous amount of mozarella cheese  is all I can say about it. My Daughter Fish and Chips caused both me and my wife wondering what they put inside the fish that cause it to taste so nice. Is it herbs? Cheese? We do not know but it taste nice. We end up finishing my daughter fish and chips as usual, she only eat a bite and play with the rest of the food. 

The red Velvet Cake is superb as expected from Secret Recipe which specialise in baking cake. The sweet sour and creamy taste of the cake make us want to order a second. But we had enough for the night. 

The only thing that feel normal that night was the Black Pepper Lamb Pie. I always order this when I am in Secret Recipe. This pie still taste the same as before. Nothing special about it. But it was not bad. Just we had to much food we can’t finish it in the end. 

I believe all franchise restaurant should have the same taste no matter which branch you visit but I have to make an exception for this one, I am not sure why but Secret Recipe in Warisan Square Kota Kinabalu just taste superior compare to the other branch in Kota Kinabalu. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Accreditation By MSQH: Hospital Sipitang Experience.

Towards my end period working in Hospital Sipitang, I had a chance to experience the accreditation survey by MSQH (Malaysian Society for Quality in Health). Accreditation in general from my understanding is a process to ensure that an institution  comply to the latest standards which determined whether the institution is safe. This means that we do not just simply run a hospital, we are running it by high standards set by MSQH. It was a brainchild of Ministry of Health, Malaysian Medical Association, and Association of Private Hospital Malaysia.

Thus, we do not just simply do our job based on what we want to do, but we do it because someone ask us and monitor whatever we were doing. If you happen to visit a hospital, you can check whether that hospital is accredited or not. If it is, then you can rest assure that the hospital has been following the standard given by MSQH.

I was appointed to become a vice chairperson in my hospital accreditation committee and was given the honour to be the head of Standard 9. There a lot of standard set by MSQH and standard 9 is regarding clinical services in patient. It was a 'small' standard consisting of 5-6 pages list of standard that we need to follow. For me, sisters in charge in ward is the back bone of this standard because they are the one who are collecting most of the data for this standard.

By the way, those standards set by MSQH, does not mean you just follow it, but you need to prove it, you need to create a file for it. For example, if the standard told you to give correct treatment to every patient, then you have to make a file of patient record to prove it to MSQH. All standard for me are like open ended question. It is up to us to create a mechanism to record the data. There is no such form or example of record given by MSQH.

More or less, it was fun. For me at least, because I am a first timer on this. So i enjoyed it much. The final survey, though, very hard.

I wrote this post because of one thing...when we do a visit to a hospital which is already accredited to learn from them, I found that it is hard for me to get other people experience on this. Most of the time people would always told me regarding the standard provided by MSQH but that is not what I want. I want the real story of experience going through the survery/audit by MSQH.

Thus, after experiencing it first hand, perhaps I would like to share to other Medical officer out there on what does it feels like to be surveyed.

First of all, don't get too panic. But don't be like no panic at all. You need a bit of adrenaline to face this kind of survey.

Second of all, please have a mind set to document everything you do. Your meeting, your idea, your schedule, everything that you do in hospital. Then analyse it. I do not do this earlier before accreditation survey thus I find it very difficult to cope by the final few days towards the audit.

Third, be truth to yourself. Don't make up something you do not do or you will find it very hard to prove to the surveyor about the thing you did not do but you say you do. They always ask for evidence.

Fourth, Team work. This is important. Usually, in your hospital, you will divide on who will keep track on a certain standard, but in the end, during the survey they do not care, they will ask around and everyone need to answer.

Fifth, know you hospital well, then it should be fine.

During the survey, everyone will have a chance to be interviewed. All medical officer will have their opportunity to be interviewed thus is you are not in the committee, don't think you can just go through the survey without being involved in it.

The question they very though. I am being honest here. All these nonsense people who told me, its nothing, its okay, they will not ask that deep, don't worry...are rubbish. They do ask everything and you need to be worry about it. So please be prepared. If you are prepared then you can answer them correctly.

You can't correct whatever you have answer. What you answer the first time, they will take it as it is. You can't change it after that unless you have evidence to prove it.

You can't lie to this surveyor, it's obvious. When a person is a director of a hospital for so many years, you being a medical officer, they won't be cheated by your lie on policy. They know it better.

To be honest, again, the survey is pretty damn scary. I feel suffocated for 3 days period of the survey ( they do survey for 3 days straight and include night survey). They test every policy that you have made. If you say you have red alert policy for maternity, they simple just initiate it to see whether people would run to labour room if the alert has been initiated.

For someone who cannot handle this kind of stress...maybe you should not work in a hospital in the first place. Even for someone who work in hospital and I myself encounter with stress situation everyday, I have to admit, the survey by MSQH is more stressful than that. (haha).

In the end, I have this thought. Why does this survey very hard to go through? Why can't it be like SPM or STPM or exam in University where you can feel that the exam was pretty easy in the end after you passed. You will have this kind of feeling - that was not hard after all-. But accreditation will always be hard for me. Why?

Because MSQH want us to be safe in our work. We are dealing with human lives everyday. Not just lives but also their quality of life. People expect the best treatment when they step in to hospital. Thus we were actually not doing this accreditation for ourselves but for patients. What is the different stepping into a killer house and into a hospital? This is the different. We were keeping up with the standards to ensure everyone stepping out from our hospital alive and to maintain the best of their quality of life.

These are the people who work hard for accreditation in my Hospital. All the Head of Unit, sisters, and medical officers enjoying their end of final survey celebration in Weston Wetland Park. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weston Wetland Park : Monkey and Firefly

Just recently I have found a must place to visit near Sipitang after more than 2 years working in Sipitang. It was called Weston Wetland Park. It is situated around 10-20 km from Sipitang town and was actually in Beaufort district rather than Sipitang. You can drive for 10-15 minutes to arrive to this place.

Use car. I do not know if there is a bus service here. Or get a taxi. If you are indeed driving, you can just drive toward Sipitang town and when you saw a sign board stating "Weston Lubok" junction, take that road. Drive forward until the end of the road. You will reach this place at the end of the road. Ask around, people here are friendly, they might be your navigator for free. 

Here, you can find a small floating restaurant. In fact, there is a lot of them. One particular restaurant I highlighted here is call Weston Wetland Park. Here, you can have your tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Weston river and the surrounding wetland area. Please come here at around 4-5 pm because that is the only time for most of the activity here. 

I arrived in this place with my work colleagues. We all were celebrating our final day of accreditation survey by MSQH. I will talk more about that in the other post. 

So we arrived at 4.45 pm. We booked early so we were greeted with a decent tea and coffee accompany with some traditional cakes and crackers. After a few chit chat among us, we hop on to the boat provided and cruise along the river looking for Proboscis Monkey. We were not disappointed. There were a lot of them here. Other than that, we also found alligator, normal monkey i guess, and we also had a small tour viewing all the other villages that is located along the riverbank. 

We were back at 6 pm and then we were served dinner by the restaurant consisting of Freshwater Clam curry, Freshwater Prawn chillies, sweet sour fish and 2 kind of vegetables. All the food ingredients are local ingredients. 

After dinner, at around 7 pm, we hop again on to the provided boat and our guide bring us to view the magical scenery of Kelip-Kelip or firefly. All the three near the riverbank look like a christmas tree at night because of the firefly. Too bad, it can't be captured by our camera. You need a good camera that can shot in the dark to capture this magical scenery. 

We were back to the restaurant 30 minutes later and depart from there soon after that but I will never forget the experienced I had. 

To be honest, I never saw a Proboscis monkey or firefly before. 

How much do you need for all of this? RM60 per person. Including tea and dinner. You can opted for a single services if you want to. I recommend using the package because you won't regret it. 

To be safe, better book this package earlier. You can use travel agency but if you want to deal with the owner yourself, there is also phone number provided to contact them. You can email me if you wish to know the contact number for this place. 

This is a must go place if you happen to be in Sabah.

A view from the restaurant..Weston Wetland.

Us. The group that give to the fullest of their time and energy for accreditation process by MSQH.

The view from the back of the boat.

These are the regular monkey. Unfortunately my phone camera don't have enough zooming capability to capture Proboscis monkey. Be sure to bring binocular if you want to see one up close. They always hanging high up on tree. 

The first boat tour until the sunset. The second one start at night when it is dark. 

The buffet of prawn and fish. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Senkawa Japanese Restaurant : Labuan Must Try Japanese Restaurant

I Love Japanese Food. For me, the only cuisine that is so focused on highlighting the Umami taste is Japanese cuisine. From Tea to the dessert, Umami is so important to them. I do not know why but Japanese are really good at this. 

So in Kota Kinabalu, I usually went and eat at Sushi King. It was a franchise, you can find it at other places around Malaysia. Another one is Wojamama. Still, a franchise. 

Some people says that Sushi Tei in Suria Sabah KK was good, never try that one. 

Anyhow, my sister suggested me to a Japanese Restaurant located in Labuan, my hometown. The first Japanese restaurant in Labuan. Labuan as I know, was a small island and there is not many places to choose from as in big city as Kota Kinabalu. I am a bit skeptic about this restaurant my sister suggested to me. It was called Senkawa or Sengkawa...haha. I forgot the name of that restaurant. 

It was located inside Labuan Water Sport park... We call it Taman Sukan Air... What is the exact name for that place? 

This Small japanese restaurant perhaps can accommodate less than 30 person. Just a small restaurant. 

I am so surprised that the food is beyond my expectation... It was better than Sushi King franchise or Wojamama franchise. 

The interior is relaxing, japanese style decoration, a moving sushi belt, all wooden furniture inside. If you walk into Sushi King or Wojamama franchise, you will feel a rush to eat and leave like a japanese would do in reality, perhaps. But entering this restaurant make you feel like...a Kitaro song. 

My sister ask me to get this from the Sushi belt. It was a seaweed or something. I am not sure. Does not look tasty but I can finish this all by myself. What in earth did they put inside this unattractive looking green vegie? It was nice. 

So this is what I ordered. A garlic rice which is heavenly. The garlic rice was a kind of fried rice but with garlic burn to produce garlicy bitter taste. It was addictive. Accompany by a thinly sliced beef stir fry with soy sauce if I am not mistaken. A bowl of Miso Soup and a few pieces of Tuna sashimi and a piece of salmon Sashimi. I tasted the best Tuna sashimi in my life that day. The tuna just melted in my mouth without chewing it. That's quality! The salmon does the same to. 

What my sister and my wife ordered was this one. The same garlic rice, with salmon fillet, deep fried and pour with some thin and sweet soy sauce. It was nice. But for me, the salmon a bit overcooked. I love my salmon to cook just perfectly or raw compare to overcooked one. It still taste nice. For those who hate raw food and prefer everything to be cooked until death, maybe they will say this dish is heavenly. For me, it was ok. My salmon Sashimi was better. 

Here is the picture of my father, my daughter and my wife in front of the entrance to that restaurant. For those who can read Japanese maybe you all can translate that restaurant name. I just remember it by the sound of Senkawa something. 

Overall, I have found the best place to eat japanese cuisine. Instead of going to Kota Kinabalu, maybe  I should head down to Labuan and eat here instead. 

There are still Japanese restaurant that I have never taste in Kota Kinabalu but most of them are serving pork so I should pass on that. 

This place so far would be my recommendation for those who want to experience the taste of Japanese Umami.