Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Family or Money: An opinion.

Which one is more important? Family or Money. 

Some random colleague ask me this question at work. Perhaps 10 years ago, it would be so easy to answer such question. Today, it was one of the question that would produce a lot of controversial answers. Everyone will have their own opinion on this matter. 

A family is an important thing because without your family, your child, your wife, life would be meaningless. This is the driven force for you to wake up everyday and work hard to improve yourself. Watching them happy will make you happy. They are the one who will be with you no matter you are up or you are down below. Some even say that your family can be the one who will accompany you there in the afterlife. You have a lot of sin, in hell you will be with them, you a a good person then you will be in heaven with them. A smile on my daughter's face is enough heaven for me. 

Since thousand years ago, money have been labelled as evil. You want to portrait somebody who are evil, portrait them holding a bunch of money, they will look evil somehow. No matter how good a person are, a picture of them with lots of money will give a perspective that they are bad. Money should not be chosen over family. 

It is as easy as that.... years ago. World has change. How human behaviour change with time ( before and after internet for example), money also has change how we think nowadays. Money breaks family. Yes. But how does money breaks a family? By having no money... some says by having too much money also produce the same outcome. It will be very hard for you to maintain a good family system by just saying that you will without money in your hand. A wife, a child, need something to eat, and in this era of global economy, you can't find vegetables or fish on your house lawn or at the back of your kitchen. Furthermore if you are living in an apartment. You basically need to buy everything to feed your family. 

Now the question family or money will make you answer in between. A balance between money and family would do best for most people. No matter how important money is, your family should not be second. And no matter how much you care of your family, money should always be there for their needs. 

Life is not what we are thought in children storybook when we were child. 

(However the storybook is necessary....if you know life would be like this...what's the fun of it then?)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Desa Dairy Farm Kundasang: Never stop to please me.

One thing that I love when visiting Kundasang is to visit the Desa Cattle farm. People would suggest to me to go to Poring Hot Spring, or Tagal Fish Massage, but only Desa cattle farm that attract me that much. That is why for I do not know how many times already, I brought my wife, daughter and my parents to visit this place. 

I can't stop loving this place, despite the smell of cow's dung, the rest of it is heavenly. The view was so relaxing it make me forget everything about work. It is good place to run away from your daily job stress. 

In Kundasang, there is a particular motel that I will always choose to stay for the night. Strawberry Garden Hotel. It is not a hotel, more like a motel, but that place for me is the best place to say when in Kundasang. Located at 1500 feet above sea level, the hotel does not has fan or air conditioner yet we never had a thought to look for it when we stay there. The air was so cool. At night, we still need a comfy blanket to warm ourselves. 

Why does that place called Strawberry garden? Well obviously because there was a garden full of strawberry behind that hotel. You can visit that garden but you can't pick a strawberry. You need to buy from the counter if you want one. However, for me, honestly, imported strawberry sold in the Kota Kinabalu city somehow much cheaper. Their strawberries are organic somehow, so for those who are organic obsess, maybe its worth it. I do not think so. 

I still bought a few plate of strawberry with honey and cream though as a snack at night during our stay. 

The cattle farm, as usual, is fun. Especially for kids. My daughter and her cousin never stop running here and there playing with animals in this cattle farm. They now provide an interactive section for visitors to touch and feed goat and cow. My daughter can never stop feeding the goat. She now always recognise when she saw a goat somewhere. 

Will this be the last time I visit this place? Certainly not. Every time I have a free weekend, I will never hesitate to visit this place again. 

p/s: However, GST has bring so much burden to me and all of Malaysian citizen. Spending quality time with family now feel like spending quality time and money for the government too.. I do not care about money for a quality time like this but, you can't just ignore GST. Everything need to pay GST, hotel, food, snack...sigh. 

This is the view of the farm. Relaxing. Cool. So beautiful. A bit of warning, this place is so smelly (what do you expect from a cow's farm). Nevertheless, after a while your smell sensation will get use to it and the smell will goes away. 

Us. Having a great time after more than 2 years busy working in District hospital. We did not have that much time to spend when I was in Sipitang. 

The morning view from my hotel veranda. The clouds are below us.....

Sunday, April 12, 2015

GST: A tax that is good for Rakyat?

So it is almost 2 weeks after GST was implemented in Malaysia. What is its effect? Everyone has their own hypothesis on what will happen after 1st April when the GST started. After 2 weeks, what I, as a citizen, saw about it?

Well, the price of everything went up. No matter how many people were order to convince that GST will not cause price increase, it still went up. It is just logic. Example, prepaid reload card that make everyone loses their mind. Before this it was taxed 6% and after that the tax was abolished and replace with 6% GST. Normal low IQ people will think that price will not change. We do not have lower IQ in Malaysia, we are clever. Price goes up 6%. Why? Go figure it out. 

Eating out in restaurant? Price went high sky rocket. Yes, some restaurant does not charged GST. Normal low IQ people will think no GST means no price increase. As I said, we are clever in Malaysia. Price goes up more than 6%. Go figure it out. A normal traditional cake or kueh for example, before this price at RM1.50 for three pieces (which is already quite expensive) now goes to RM2. 

Thus, no matter how much Government want to convince that GST will not cause any burden to the was proven wrong..again..and again. 

Tax is a tax. No one ever learn that tax will not cause a burden. No school has taught that before (but now probably there is as a campaign to support it). A normal citizen would understand that tax is needed to support the economy of a country. In a situation where Malaysia is so much full with debt, thus implementing GST could be a clever move. Perhaps, with the implementation of GST, more road can be build, more facilities can be provided,  economy will be nourished and we can live in a modern country like Japan, or USA, or Korea or maybe increase the salary of those MPs.....what?

Yes, after 2 weeks with GST, the benefit of it are seen not to the eye of citizen but to those MPs. Their salary went up more than 50%. 

As a citizen, my mouth hang open, the struggle for me everyday to pay tax (GST, income tax), to suffer the price increase on everything...every hard work I did everyday to support my family life, feel like wasted. I am paying money to let MPs salary goes up and for them to enjoy their life more than what they have enjoyed today. 

I am no supporter of violence, street demonstrator, and chaos. Thus, most likely I can't do anything about it. What I can do is just to share the injustice in a blog post like this. Maybe somehow, Government of Malaysia would somehow go back to what a Government do... protecting citizens and to less the burden of citizens and to bring justice. 

With situation like this, perhaps we will need a superhero, Superman, or Batman, or Cicakman to protect the citizen, bring lesser burden and to bring in comic. Life in Comic is way better than comical life like what we all are living right now. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A New Journey Begin: Pathology Department

I've been transferred to Pathology Department HQE upon my request. The reason.. I love Microbiology then why not give a shot into Pathology Department, from here I hope that I can find my way through to the field that I like.

Life is a bit different now. Living in apartment, stuck in traffic jam everyday when going to work and when getting back home from work. I am still in adjustment period. Otherwise, work now 8am-5pm. Not like in district hospital... working like almost 24 hours, more than that.

Every workplace has their own stress. In Sipitang, I am stress that I am working like every hours every day. Here in my new place, I am stress with the workload, the work field that is so different from what I have been trained before. No more clinical, now I am working behind the scene.

Sometime, I still remember Sipitang.. I will never forget that place, nothing much to complain about that hospital. I believe (now) what is the meaning of accredited hospital. Working there put myself in less danger compare to my new place now. In my new place, I am exposed to chemical hazard, infectious hazard, playing with sharp knife that can cause me having work related injury.. I hope I won't get any of this. Sigh, running away from Sipitang thinking that air in Sipitang is contaminated with industrial pollution, put myself in a place where I inhaled carcinogenic chemical everyday. What an irony.

Will begin new journey.....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Putatan Platinum Apartment: Rules to create Fear..and drain money.

The many rules of living in an apartment.

So do you own an apartment when you bought it? That would depends on how you bought it. Cash or loan. Perhaps people would think Malaysian are damn rich that everyone could buy an apartment cash..well, majority of the citizen do not.

The first thing the house was own by bank. You are merely paying bank monthly hoping that someday you will get to own your own house. Banks are not saviour for citizen but more like a loan shark. I wonder what is the difference between these two? Well, the only difference is one may cut your hand in the end. To think more about it, both could get your hand cut in the end.

So I bought an apartment which priced RM170K+ and the bank gave me a loan that I need to pay for 40 years which sum up to RM300K once I've completed paying it. Where the hell another RM150k+ come? That's interest. Islamic interest as I am taking loan base on Islamic term. So Muslim took interest now, they just call it with a different name so they would sound Islamic.

So, double the price already? Then, if I want to sell this apartment before I settle paying for it..for example, maybe I do not like it and I want to change to a new place. Then, the bank set up a price by a 'complex' 'islamic' mechanism making my house price goes up to RM700K.

So if I want to sell this house, I need to sell it for more than RM700K to get some benefit from it. If I sell it for RM300K, i need another RM400K to settle my debt. But..I bought the house with the price of RM170K.

So, I could not sell this house. I need to stay here.

Then all this service charges came into my mailbox.. I need to pay the apartment service charge RM270 every three months. Does not sound much? Thats RM1080 per year. I am living in my own house or what? Oh well, does not really matter, the payment is to keep my apartment building intact, and for all the services they provided.

I need to pay deposit RM1000 just to renovate my house and Rm500 if I want to bring in something like new furniture into my house. That money could be used to pay for that furniture itself.

I believe paying such services charge and all stuff, I should own my house. Well no, I still need to follow the rules which sometimes gets to my nerve. I can't bring a second car in, no extra park. Should I sell my car then how do my wife goes to work? We work both in different places. I could not hammer something or repair something in my own house after 5 PM and weekend. I can't do this, I can't do that. I feel like living in someone's house. I feel like I rent this place.

Did some mistake, warning letter arrive to you. I really feel like I am not living in my own house.

Rules are made to make sure everyone living peacefully without fear. But sometimes rules itself make you live in fear. That should not happen. I suggest that the management approach more resident to make sure everyone demands are fulfilled. And not just the squeaky wheels one who obviously kept everything for their own interest. Even the squeaky wheels get the grease, but if you did not maintain the other wheels, a system won't work eventually.

For those, who want to buy an apartment, think twice. And please make sure the management are resident friendly and not like those teacher in boarding school.

I hope that someday I can own my house, a better place than this place. I am hoping, even working, both me and my wife, as a medical officer a.k.a doctors, we could not afford other than this small apartment.

Oh my beloved Malaysia.....