Monday, February 23, 2015

Senkawa Japanese Restaurant : Labuan Must Try Japanese Restaurant

I Love Japanese Food. For me, the only cuisine that is so focused on highlighting the Umami taste is Japanese cuisine. From Tea to the dessert, Umami is so important to them. I do not know why but Japanese are really good at this. 

So in Kota Kinabalu, I usually went and eat at Sushi King. It was a franchise, you can find it at other places around Malaysia. Another one is Wojamama. Still, a franchise. 

Some people says that Sushi Tei in Suria Sabah KK was good, never try that one. 

Anyhow, my sister suggested me to a Japanese Restaurant located in Labuan, my hometown. The first Japanese restaurant in Labuan. Labuan as I know, was a small island and there is not many places to choose from as in big city as Kota Kinabalu. I am a bit skeptic about this restaurant my sister suggested to me. It was called Senkawa or Sengkawa...haha. I forgot the name of that restaurant. 

It was located inside Labuan Water Sport park... We call it Taman Sukan Air... What is the exact name for that place? 

This Small japanese restaurant perhaps can accommodate less than 30 person. Just a small restaurant. 

I am so surprised that the food is beyond my expectation... It was better than Sushi King franchise or Wojamama franchise. 

The interior is relaxing, japanese style decoration, a moving sushi belt, all wooden furniture inside. If you walk into Sushi King or Wojamama franchise, you will feel a rush to eat and leave like a japanese would do in reality, perhaps. But entering this restaurant make you feel like...a Kitaro song. 

My sister ask me to get this from the Sushi belt. It was a seaweed or something. I am not sure. Does not look tasty but I can finish this all by myself. What in earth did they put inside this unattractive looking green vegie? It was nice. 

So this is what I ordered. A garlic rice which is heavenly. The garlic rice was a kind of fried rice but with garlic burn to produce garlicy bitter taste. It was addictive. Accompany by a thinly sliced beef stir fry with soy sauce if I am not mistaken. A bowl of Miso Soup and a few pieces of Tuna sashimi and a piece of salmon Sashimi. I tasted the best Tuna sashimi in my life that day. The tuna just melted in my mouth without chewing it. That's quality! The salmon does the same to. 

What my sister and my wife ordered was this one. The same garlic rice, with salmon fillet, deep fried and pour with some thin and sweet soy sauce. It was nice. But for me, the salmon a bit overcooked. I love my salmon to cook just perfectly or raw compare to overcooked one. It still taste nice. For those who hate raw food and prefer everything to be cooked until death, maybe they will say this dish is heavenly. For me, it was ok. My salmon Sashimi was better. 

Here is the picture of my father, my daughter and my wife in front of the entrance to that restaurant. For those who can read Japanese maybe you all can translate that restaurant name. I just remember it by the sound of Senkawa something. 

Overall, I have found the best place to eat japanese cuisine. Instead of going to Kota Kinabalu, maybe  I should head down to Labuan and eat here instead. 

There are still Japanese restaurant that I have never taste in Kota Kinabalu but most of them are serving pork so I should pass on that. 

This place so far would be my recommendation for those who want to experience the taste of Japanese Umami. 

Friday, February 06, 2015

District MO : You go district to relax..?

I am tired.

The first imagination when I was going to sent to a district hospital is purely an imagination. Listening from other senior who went to a district hospital before me, they said, it is time to relax in District.

Not so many patient. Woke up late, go to hospital at what time whenever you like. Go drink coffee at 10.00 am recess time. They have recess time?

Can go fishing. Farming. Went for vacation often. Have a lot of money to save. No need to buy groceries because people will bring groceries to you. Everything sound very nice and tempting.

Thus, I went to a dsitrict hospital. To my surprise, what I heard from other people are wrong.

As a district MO, you are left in a situation where there are limited resources available. You have a few colleague with you and not all of them are perfect. That is human nature. Everyone get tired and when you are tired, you tend to do everything within 50% of your reach.

Oncalls are frequent. More than what I get when i was a house officer. Thinking of doing vacation? You are oncall 3 weekend per month thus when will be your vacation time? Trying to apply for leave but your colleague is going for a course, or your colleague applied leave earlier than you...? You are basically stuck in district not going anywhere for the whole month. When you do have a weekend to go to a big city then you look like a monkey just able to get out from it cage.

Patient.... not few like I imagine. Everyday, I see 60-70 patients in clinic, see 20 plus patient in ward and in bad day can reach up to 30 patients. I thought I can have coffee time at 10.00 am.

Oncall can be bad..not everyday bad...but bad enough to make you feel exhausted by the end of oncall day. And you are oncall again that day..and the weekend after that day.

Escort is another thing. Escort a patient, spend 6 hours.. 2 hours journey to the city, 1 hour pass over, 3 hours going back to district ( when you go back, you can't turn on the ambulance siren to clear the traffic). After escort, you still have to think about the remaining patient.

Like my colleague said to me a few months ago when he joined my hospital..he said when he was a house officer, after work, there is nothing to think about, you just went home or go enjoy with friends somewhere, you work is basically finish for that day. When you are a medical officer, in district, after work, you still have to settle your patient because there will be no next house officer or medical officer to take over that patient for you. You left the patient in the evening, and tomorrow morning you will not expect oncall will settle everything for you. You still have to settle whatever that are not settle the day before. Its a responsibility given to you.

You have no specialist to help you, yes everyone will said, a specialist is just a phone call away but..he is a phone call away. Stabilize patient before transfer..thats the order from a specialist but your patient keeps going down under. Sometime you want to call specialist and say..."please help me" and cry out loud.

I live in hospital quarters with my family and my wife is also my colleague here in my district. I believe we don't spend enough time with our daughter. We are living in hospital quarters which is just  few hundred metres away and we still don't spend enough time with our daughter!

The sad thing, is when MO in big hospital start acting weird towards district MO. My colleague once said to me that his case was rejected because there is no bed in referral hospital. He insist to transfer that patient because he think that patient is sepsis..and the blood cns came out as Melliodosis. He was scolded because he didn't know how to manage sepsis.

That patient (luckily) got transferred that day after a numerous discussion with medical team. From what i heard, that patient admitted to ICU the next day and spend more than a week in ICU. He was right to transfer that patient.

Here in district, not that we do not know how to treat patient, but we know which patient that can stay and which one need specialist intervention. I believe we have been to state mortality meeting enough to be blamed that we did not transfer patient early enough to specialist centre. We don't do thing because we don't know how to do it.

I can say a lot more but you will not understand until you experienced the life as a district MO. The good thing is, this experienced tend to teach us to become better.

I will not regret to be here as a distirct MO.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Restoran sagomas: Ambuyat

Sago, in relation of borneo,  is a staple food for many tribe.  One can eat it like a powder form mix with fruits,  turn into flour and make cakes,  Sago is versatile.

For malay brunei people,  everyone must know a very well known delicacies which usually eaten during family gathering which is called ambuyat. 

Ambuyat made from ambulong (sago flour) poured with boiled water.  It will form a substance with the consistency of a commercial glue but a bit thicker.  Usually eaten using "candas" which look like a chopstick along with fish and vegetables.  There will be also lime and bird eye chillie sauce for dipping the ambuyat.

As this cuisine only be eaten during family gathering,  it is very rare for you to find a restaurant that serve this in their menu.  There is a few, and yes,  only a few to mention. 
There is one particular restaurant committed to announcw their specialty in this cuisine.  Sagomas restaurant. Located at Lumat centre near beaufort,  this retaurant will be on your right on your way to beaufort town. 

For me,  this new restaurant is exceptionally acceptable.  The ambuyat serve similar to the traditional ambuyat serve by my family.  If you never taste one,  you can taste ambuyat here.
I don't like ambuyat that much even I am a malay brunei.  If you are like me,  rest assure because there are plenty of other good menu here.  Try their Mee kari banjir,  ayam penyet and variety for stir fry food. Mee kari banjir is a must if you do not eat ambuyat here.

Overall,  taste wise i gave 4/5, the restaurant is new so it is clean,  the staff os friendly.  If you are on your way to Sarawak,  brunei,  sipitang or beaufort, you can have your stop here and get some ambuyat dose before you reach yoir destination.  Haha. 


While my family enjoyed their ambuyat, I prefer this one, Mee kari banjir. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A guide to Satay Sipitang

What does Sipitang famous for? Where is Sipitang?

It has been 2 years plus working in Sipitang. I can see there is a few changes since the past 2 years. Before posted to work here, I never been to Sipitang. I know this place exist because my late grandfather use to be a police officer here. That is all that I know about this place.

Before I was posted here, my mother went and visit Sipitang with my dad and they told me one thing special about Sipitang...Satay.

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia are famous with this meat on stick bbq delicacies. Every region have their own variety of Satay. In Malaysia, the famous satay that everyone talk about is Satay Kajang. So when people went to Kajang, people will say "go eat Satay". Satay capital of Malaysia.

But guess what, there are satay capital right here in Sabah. If you ever been to Sabah, there were no Satay places that you can visit which is so special. Almost all satay available in Kota Kinabalu are only average. You want an above average satay. Where can you go for it? Sipitang.

Sipitang is famous for her Satay since.. i don't know since when. I never knew what was so special about Satay here. When I started working here, then I started to see what the fuss is all about.

Sipitang satay, maybe not that special like Satay Kajang but what special about it is there are a lot of people selling satay here.

To get a taste of this, you can go to Esplanade Sipitang. An esplanade build by the government for people here to do some recreation, I guess ,just at the seaside. It was located in Sipitang town. Sipitang town is so small you can never miss this place.

What so special about it, there are like 10-15 stall selling satay here. Which one is the best, I also not sure about that. Every people here have their own opinion about that. Other than esplanade Sipitang, a row of stall in front of Sipitang famous supermarket "Gmart" you can also see a lot of stall selling satay. Other than that, there are a few more small stall in Tamu sipitang selling satay. Guess what, there are plenty of Satay here in Sipitang.

One unique thing about Satay here, you do not need to wait until evening to get a taste of Satay. You can come as early as 10 am and there are plenty of satay grilled on a hot charcoal everywhere. Everywhere there will be smoke from this charcoal grill for Satay.

I can't find stall selling Satay for lunch in Kota Kinabalu, maybe there is that I am not aware of but very rare. Here in Sipitang, you can eat Satay all day long.

If you have a party of something and you need to order satay, no need to pre-order it. You can just walk in and there will be plenty go Satay for you to bring home. Even thousand of it.

If people ask me, is Satay in Sipitang good? I would not answer anything to them. In fact, I find satay here taste like satay. Nothing worth to say about the taste. It's just satay.

However, if you want a good one, there are a few stall which I recommend. One is Alif Satay, Satay Siga-siga, Satay Hjh Tominah, and satay Waris. This few stall sell very good satay. Juicy, tender, and the peanut sauce is licking good. The rest, I haven't try them all even after 2 years staying here in Sipitang.

I will miss Sipitang Satay later after I transfer to Kota Kinabalu soon....

Some of my friends say to me that Sipitang Satay are not that special and I will answer to them, not that special but nothing more special than Satay Sipitang. Its the culture i am seeking for and not solely about the taste.

Me and my daughter in Esplanade Sipitang. 

I try to find a picture of Satay but I couldn't find on in my Mac. I will post Satay Picture if I found one. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Joe Flizzow Won AJL

When i first heard Havoc..well that was revolutionary. I love it and I hate it. There is some chemical going on in that song. Something that can make you hate it, or love it and a bit of both.

Nevertheless, I've bought it. Bought it through iTunes a few weeks after it released, just for fun. It has been a long time since i've bought a local album. And it was because Joe Flizzow. I am a big fan of Too Phat so even though they are not together anymore, I still follow them and if I heard a new song either from Malique or Joe Flizzow, I would definitely listen to it.

So, my first impression listening to this album is...its not bad. But it is sure not Too phat kind of song. Joe flizzow has his own lyrical and musical style and I like Malique style better. This is typical Joe Flizzow style of rapping.

The album started fact almost all of the song is kind of a slow rap style. The intro was epic by the way. Then rhyme after rhyme about Malaysian hip hop scene and Joe Flizzow talking about this and that.

Even the song Untukmu does not kick my brain to be attracted to this album. The song Kongsi was a is a classic, released way before this album was released. Kongsi is a good song but its old.

Not until I listen to the song "Aku tak Kenal Mu' then something kick my brain. There is a part of this song mentioning about malique. I have been waiting for Joe to talk about Malique for a very long time. There is something going on starting from this track.

Then came the track "Apa khabar'... that track sure is the most interesting track in the whole album.

Guess what, few months later. my wife told me that the song won AJL. The best song in Malaysia (something like that).

Well, when you listen to that song, as a Too Phat fan, I feel what Joe Flizzow want his audience to feel. To feel the memory when Too Phat is on the top of their success. Make me missed Too Phat more than before.

Why Malique and Joe flizzow did not make a new album together? I believe it was not right for Malique just to abandon their fan who bought their album since Whutadilly... Too Phat must be responsible as an adult entertainer to left the audience hanging just like this.

From inspiring...somehow later, people will hate Too Phat. Especially the fan who have been waiting for years to listen to their favourite Malaysian hip hop duo.

Perhaps, just one last show / tour of them together as Too Phat... I hope the time will come.