Monday, May 25, 2015

Caffe' Vergnano 1882 @ Imago Kota Kinabalu

Have you ever tasted a good coffee in your life? Don't say yes if your best coffee was in either Starbuck or Coffee Beans. I mean a real good one, does not matter its a street coffee, a cheap one or a super expensive one. Just a plain good coffee.

Perhaps, you would like to try this place. It was called Caffe' Vergnano 1882. It was open recently in Imago Kota Kinabalu just beside Everrise at basement floor. I was attracted to go to that place because it has a playground in front of it for little children to play. So why not? Sit back and relax, sip of coffee, while your child playing inside that playground.

This place one of the best coffee I ever had in my life. I can't describe it, but you will know when you try it.

This place does not look like a place where you can get the best coffee. If you starbuck logo you would think they have the best coffee right? Wrong. 

Just a few table and a family friendly enviroment for you to relax. As for now, not that many people came to this place. Its new so finding a spot to sit is not a problem. 

My wife Hot chocolate comes with a bear face. She did not drink coffee so hot chocolate was her substitute for coffee. 

Try their Espresso Lungo if you had a chance to come to this place. Or their cappucino. My dad love their Americano but for me Americano is just an espresso with extra water. 

Price range. From RM6 to RM15. For RM 6 you can get Espresso perfetto, a one shot coffee drink that can give you insomnia. Add RM1 for RM7 you will get Espresso lungo, double shot coffee purity. 

They also have tea, Ice tea, Ice blended coffee etc. To be honest, if you are a real coffee drinker, espresso would be your choice right? 

They also have a few snack such as chicken pie, tuna puff, muffin and cake, all price range at RM5-RM8. 

All price inclusive of GST, I guess, because they did not charge yet. 

If you are a coffee drinker who drink nescafe or all the 3-1 kind of coffee, maybe you can continue drinking that. But if you are looking for a real pure coffee with a reasonable price, I really recommend this place. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rohingya: Its Complicated.

I don't think the issue of stranded Rohingya is that simple like what a few of my friend shared post in social media. When I read those post, I feel like those Rohingya are just a fellow unfortunate muslim brother and sister and need to be help. It is very unethical for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand to refuse to accept this poor group of people.

I take a step back and start looking at this issue not from a close up picture but from a far so I can see the other issue that need to be thought about before we simply said that they are muslim, we are muslim, they should build house beside ours.

First of all, which country left them stranded at the sea? Do they just lost there in the middle of the ocean or just suddenly appear from nothing. Myanmar... this country is the root cause for everything. Not our country and its neighbours. Myanmar has been denying the human right for this group and now keep quiet and give us all the attitude of ' you really want to help them, nah, go and take them all. They are not my problem now, they all yours..." . Before blaming those country who refuse to accept them, we should blame the country that left them at the sea in the first place. Where is Myanmar at this time of crisis? It is still there, it does not disappear and take vacation to Mars, but they just sit there and watch. What's with this attitude? (They did not even attend the meeting to discuss this matter.

Second, are all of them stranded at the sea Rohingya? Now we are more concern about the real identity of this people. As we all know, illegal labours are constantly trying to enter to our country for the sake of work. To gain citizenship. Look how that affect us? We all fight each other in this country because of illegal immigrant issues. People suffered and died because of illegal immigrant issues. Google Tanduo crisis in Sabah and see how that affect our security until today. Nobody is safe anymore nowadays. A report from Australia intelligent agency shows that only 30% of those people stranded are in fact Rohingya. The rest are illegal labourers trying to enter our country.

Thirdly, where do you expect them to build the refugee camp? Sabah? As usual? Are we not have that much trouble from Philipinos illegally entering Sabah? How long do you expect them to live here? Until Myanmar invite them back? Will that be fair for those Sulu people who for years trying to enter our country and now we just simply let them enter? I expect if we accept them, other illegal immigrant will demand the same thing. We are done after that.

As for now, the best is to sit down and discuss about this problem. Leaders from this region, especially Myanmar itself, should discuss deeply regarding this issues. Humanitarian support of food supply, clean water and medicine should be constantly provided without interruption. This is the first thing that need to be addressed. All country should push Myanmar to settle the problem that they started. They should not just be let away and we settle their problem. They should be the first one to be blamed in this issues.

The issues is not as simple as what most people think. Post quoting Quranic verse, Sunnah, and whatever religiously statement regarding this issues will not resolved the problem even though they actually do but this is more political than religious motivated crisis.

Hope this issue resolve as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why No Nursery in Hospital Queen Elizabeth KK?

This post title was a question thrown to me by my assistant in Clinic. Well, she has a point there. Queen Elizabeth Hospital or QEH is the biggest hospital here in the whole Sabah. I am pretty sure there are more than a thousand people working here. Most of them, have children.

The question started to pop out after realising that UTC, just a few hundred meter away from this hospital have their own nursery for their staff. This question might be raised from a jealousy towards UTC.

I have to admit that nursery is kind of important now. Even for me, one that considered myself 'just don't give a ---- ' type of person, I do give a ---- about having nursery near work place.

At this time went all price of goods going up and salary always stagnant for quite sometime, hiring a person to nurse your children at home would not be a good idea after all. Nursery would be a cheaper choice, a few hundred ringgit cheaper.

I am not being a cheapskate, but my family do have to eat rice everyday through out the month.

So where does this question go? How do I answer?

Maybe someone will answer it somewhere in the near future. As far as I know, I will always support the idea of creating a nursery in QEH. One that run by a registered people and that place must be specific for QEH staff like what UTC did.

As for now, have to survey the best nursery for children near QEH.

Do you all have any suggestion on which nursery to sent your children when you are working in QEH?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kurtos Spiroll: Imago KK Must Try Snack

I found this place in Imago KK located at the basement floor. At first glance, I do not know what are they selling. Is it bread? Or spring roll? Or a souvenir? Me and my wife had to approach their counter to look for what are they are all about. 

Basically, this stall is selling a type of bread which is covered by a different type of flavour that you choose. The bread however, does not look like a bread, it was more like a cup or a glass. A hollow type of bread. Then they burn it in their oven to make the outer wall of the bread crisp and a bit burn in flavour. 

Then they roll it on a tray of your chosen flavour. That is why they call it spiroll? Maybe..that is my thought. Didn't bother to ask them. 

The important thing is that the bread or bun or no ordinary bun you can bought in other bakery. It have this taste like a paratha or something like that. Perhaps that is because they toast / burn the outer layer of the bread first. It does not taste like a normal bun. Its delicious. 

I am no fan of bread or bun, but this one is an exception. Everytime I went to Imago, I would have chosen this stall for a snack. The price is a bit...urgh..quite expensive (average of RM6) per piece but a piece is enough even for two. 

Go and try it. You won't be disappointed. 

I was not paid to do this kind of ad. I did it for the sake of sharing, a nice thing will always be nicer if you share with someone. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enjoying Pathology Is It?

Why did I chose Pathology department to work other than other department. My attitude is more on the clinical side. Perhaps nobody know about it but I really like medicine. I enjoyed diagnosing a disease.

When I choose Pathology, most of my friends thought that I want to run away from the busy life of being a clinician. Pathology is a hot seats here in Sabah state. Everyone applying for pathology even after finishing housemenship which I don't think is right because you need to go out and get some experience first before entering this field. Most of the people who apply for a medical officer position in Pathology are doing it for the sake that they can relax and chill out in this department..

I don't think we are chilling out here in this department. Now I am still junior in training here in this department, so as my two other colleagues. Three of us in Histopathology unit and we have to gross ( cutting all the specimen you all sent) almost everyday. They were only 2 table to do grossing meaning that only 2 people will do that work for all specimen sent from all over Sabah. How big is Sabah? That's like doing all the grossing for all specimen all over peninsular malaysia.

Before this I always thought that when we send a lump and bump or maybe uterus, colon, and any other tumour, they just went straight to lab enter a machine and processed into a slide to be read under microscope. At that same time, I also thought, how can a big uterus, for example, can be put inside a small microscopy slide. Always have that kind of thought since I was in medical school.

Now I know how they do it. I will explain here. First surgeon cut the tumor with all the adjacent organ and feel satisfy about it. The specimen then sent to Histopathology department. The specimen then received, the package open by a medical officer and the specimen will be cut like a bread loaf or something like that. Then fix for a day or two. Fix means the specimen is all 'cook' up by formalin to that point where all the blood and other soft tissue will become a firmer tissue just like specimen that we used to see during our medical school time.

After it was fix, then we will cut it and try to describe the anatomy of it. That's why when surgeon go all mad and cut whatever they want, it will become a pain in our head when the specimen arrived. Now I know, a good surgeon are not just simply cutting thing up. Are they a good surgeon will be determine when we received the sample. Haha.

After describing, measuring and everything, we will then need to sample the specimen. Cutting a smaller section just enough to be put inside a small microscope slide. Thus the representative segment from that specimen must be correct. If we sample 0.5 cm away from the pathological side then when you read the slide everything will look normal. We are not using any machine or instrument to do this but our own eyes and hands. See, feel, palpate, sometime by smell. Same like how a clinician examining a patient.

After sampling, then the sample will be processed into becoming a slide for microscope. I will not explain that process here. It will take  a few more paragraph to explain that.

So the other job of us the medical officer is to read that slide that already prepared. We did not read that difficult slide as cancer or lymphoma or something, pathologist did that. We at medical officer level, what we read is all that simple specimen like appendicitis, fallopian tube, molar pregnancy, tonsilitis, gallbladder..etc.

You know how frequent they did this kind of operation right? Meaning we still need to read about a hundred slides or more.

They are almost 6000 slides per month in our department. Divide that to only 6-7 pathologist and 3 medical officer. Just assume if the pathologist read 5000 slides and we read 1000 slides, we still read 300+ slides per month and do 6000 grossing.

I don't think I am chilling out in pathology. Always work extra hours up to 8 PM, even during weekend, I can work up until 4PM.

Do I enjoy this? I am not into histopathology kind of stuff. But I don't hate it. Actually I enjoy working in pathology. I am not sure why. I guess it's because of all the new thing I learn everyday.

To expect the relax part in Pathology is totally wrong, but to enjoy medicine in this department is a yes..