Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chili and Me

I didn't eat spicy food. I was born in a family where spicy food is like a taboo. We rarely cook hot food. And we do, I am the one who usually suffer from stomach ache. 

Someone told me when I was in Med school that I am allergic to chili. I am not sure whether that condition exist or is it everyone will have stomach ache after eating a certain amount of spicy food. 

I do love spicy food but I can't tolerate it. Not until a few weeks ago. I started trying to eat something in a restaurant called Nando's Chicken where they offer a variety of spiciness grade. From non spicy to Extra hot. So why not? I venture to a level of mild hot. It does not taste hot at all but from that momment I started to realize that there is a kind of chemical reaction that cause my brain to say that hot food is delicious. 

I started to cook half of my meal involving bird eye chili which are abundant in our country in general. It does taste nice. It give a comfort warm feeling inside. Best ate during a cold rainy season. 

In the end, I believe that a certain amount of chili is really necessary in my everyday meal. I guess in the end, I am still an Asian Malay. Chili is a must in every recipe. Perhaps now i can try cooking fusion recipe, for example Pasta with bird eye chili...

p/s: I realized that my wife do cook a good recipe of pasta with bird eye chili and mushroom. There is a recipe for that. 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Old Computer and Ubuntu 14.10 LTS

I own an old Compaq presario laptop. After a few years, as expected, it broke a wait 4-5 minutes for it to start, and another 3-4 minutes to wait for it to shut down.

I could not take it anymore. My plan now is to get myself a macbook air or any Window 7 ultrabook ( i want super portable laptop to get work done on the way). However, a decent Window 7 ultrabook cost almost RM5000. A macbook air entry level cost around RM3000-Rm4000. I am very tight on budget now.

I want to get some speed into my laptop. I can't upgrade its RAM anymore, and some suggesting SSD, I do not know whether this Netbook can support that.

I make some decision to change the OS to a more lighter one, and free. Yes, Ubuntu. After a struggle for a few hours trying to figure out how to install Ubuntu, I finally made it. Ubuntu installed. Then i struggle for another few hours tuning the setting to make my laptop usable. Simple setting like brightness, saving battery setting,enabling flash, installing VLC, installing codec. All thing that I would not bother to do when using Windows.

That's what good about Windows, you get everything tune for you. That is what you are paying for. For a free OS like Ubuntu, you have to it yourself.

A bit headache on how to create script to make sure bluetooth and WIFI turn off on startup and this and that. A lot of thing to do. And most of the setting part is using terminal or in windows MSDOS. Line and line after line of command.

In the end, I get it right. When it is right, Ubuntu is not bad at all. It fast, start up and shut down now only take up less than 30 seconds, maybe just 10 seconds compare to 4 minutes Windows 7. I kind of love it.

However, when i think about it, if you are thinking that you want to use Ubuntu for media, gaming, or designing work, i don't think it fit for you. Windows or Mac could be better. If you want to use it just to get some paperwork done and a few presentation, then its good.

I am gonna stick to Ubuntu for now. Until i get my new Macbook. Saving for Macbook. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Non citizen in Sabah

Probably you heard the issue of illegal immigrant in sabah is just a hoax or propaganda did by someone for their own benefit.

Nope. Its real. I am not sure why nobody bother about this but I believe this land will be own by imkigrant in the future. I pray so that will not happen but at this rate, without serious intervention by authority, it might happen eventually.

Working in a field where my customers or patient ( I am a doctor), came from everywhere does not matter they are legal or illegal. If i work in school or police station maybe i would not see such people but in hospital, eventually they will have to come for their health concern.

Most of these people live in a remote area where police or immigration officer would not dare to go. When they come to hospital, usually in bad condition because of their poor living condition. Infection is the most common causes for them to go out from hiding. I did ask one of them regarding their village, how many houses? Some even claimed more than hundred houses. They are colonizing or what?

And that is the pure illegal one. Another type would be fake legal one. I know an Iban if i see one but I once encountered a timor claiming to be iban. Have IC and all the child have birth certificates. Their father is illegal somehow, no document or what so ever. Some came looking so old but their IC show their age only 27,younger than me.

I have seen so many suspicious ic, including those who borrow ic from someone so that they can get free treatment. One time i ask history from a patient and he admitted after i ask so many times regarding his place of stay before coming to the area of my hospital ( i want to know which clinic did not give medicine for hypertension) that he came from sulawesi. So diagnosed in sulawesi. Ooh. I jot down the history and discharge him later juat to realize that he has a Blue Mykad. Correct one i double check with JPN. Why the hell he has that when he only came here to work less than a year?

If i tell more story of my strange encounter with such people,i could compile a book with 500-600 page. Even if we doctor meet with our friend doctor from other hospital  over coffee or tea, this topic is the most common topic we would chat for hours. On how we met different type of fake ic or suspicious one.

No offend but most of the suspicious ic or mykad came from sarawak i do not know why.

Nevertheless, we still have to treat anyone as long as they are human being no matter what. So be aware citizen that your tax money is somehow flowing to non citizen. Dont blame us cause we are doing our job to treat people. Not our job to arrest or find these people.


Monday, November 10, 2014

I need Mac!

I cannot do my work anymore with my phone or tab. I really think that somebody need to create a tab or a phome that can be used to get thing done....wait..someone just did that. Yes.

Microsoft has offered a new kind of tablet that can be used as a laptop. They name it surface pro. A tab that pack the power of a laptop. Running on windows 8.1 and whatever great tech thing they put inside that machine.

However, it does not come with a keyboard. Keyboard sell separately. That surface thing already cost rm3500+ and you need to buy rm350+ keyboard to go along with it. You cant buy cheap fake keyboard because they way they create the thing was already equipped with a keyboard and some jokers decided to sell they keyboard separately. Hell no.

And there is one phone that can make my work done. I have used it before but the company building that phone is going down to the ground. Its blackberry. I know a blackberry really can make stuff happen but the lack of apps and still...some limitation on document software, for example creating animation in a presentation is not possible, it is a phone not a notebook..

I really need a notebook that can be used for work but at the same time for entertainment occasionally. Most of notebook nowadays pack with hype such as touchscreen or beats audio, but most of them just concentrate on that i forget what a notebook supposed to deliver.

From my weeks of online research, i found out that a macbook is what i need. But i do not know how to get one with that......price! It is expensive compare to other windows laptop. But in term of specs, a same specs windows notebook cost more than macbook. They supposed have same power in performance. Investment in apple product does not seem to be regretful. My mom ipad 2 still working with such power that my new nexus tab can't challenges.

A macbook is the thing i need but its price can be use to buy 2 decent performance windows notebook.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Putatan Platinum Update: Moving in

I lost the war. 

That is all I Could say after a few month trying to fight for my justice regarding late payment fee from this apartment developer. 

I have paid a sum of 8000+ for the late payment fee.  Easy money for them developer.  I am pretty much broke and trying to start back from zero.  I have started to keep some money to buy furniture when all my saving before was used for the late payment fee. 

The best thing is I now already have my own home apartment.  Haha.  Moving in is on the way.  Slowly fill in the interior with some furniture and later I may live there permanently,  or,  until i found a new and better apartment.

I can see that some people still standing still and refused to pay the late payment fee.  I do not know what to say but they are right to fight for their right,  but somehow the one we are fighting is an enemy that will never be defeated.  There is a lot of them in Malaysia.  Seriously.

I am not giving up,  if there is a way for them to get their right back,  I will support and join them too.

I just hope that how easy they take my 8k.. Will also be that easy for 8k to come to me.